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diy Peter Dinklage Batman 

If Peter Dinklage played Batman,diy,Peter Dinklage,Batman
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story nurse 

A lesson I learned in the hospital....when you masturbate while attached to a heart monitor,it scares the nurses a lot.doctcircancin:crncross:No, you don't understand.This actually happens.We got a 16 year old boy on our unit once, because Pediatrics was full, and it's about 1 in the morning and
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gif cat bucket 

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photo owl 

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Let see what this alternative energy crap is about. Not that I am need to. My oils will never run out. Of ever.Western devil! Over here!mI gots wat yuo look for! Is alternative fuel, much better than oil or coal!Chinese culture - only culture.Gib indipendense! Humane rights plox!!! _Is oppression!
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