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mom, bhe obher day, dad came home early wibh a woman from his work, bhey wenb bo his bed and sbarbed bo undress bhemselves....rrrrrh% #Shhh, don'b Sdy dnobher word, when your fdbher comes home from work, you will finish bhe sbory for bobh of uSIwell, bhe obher day, dad came home early wibh a woman
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WAIT, DID I JU5T 5 "you TOO?" ...I CANT PEU EVE HE ACTUALLY SAID THAT...,college humor,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,restaurant,awkward
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T^Foo 2^013I THINK it conceals yOUR BEAUTY. you HAVE NOTHING TO HlPE FROM ME.JWAIT/ NOi WHAT ARE yOU POlNG?iChristy; i Noticed that you've always hapREALLY THICK BANGS. MAYBE YOU SHOULP CHANGE IT UP EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE.BACONA6yUUAA.COM,baconasylum,comics,funny comics & strips,
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..tornea, wo.SePHKO.TUMLP.COMsePvAKo.COM,sephko,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,peter jackson,tolkien
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peopue Respecr proctologists.ou sope, you coAe os > SoiwetuimgDOeSM'T FEEU vGUT "OOWJKJ TVAERE."'SG&butt m\pPBK\s \ voo ^eer osAT b PbPTV? brip/\u suouue /SAY MOTV-\\KiCr VT.THINKS. \TS lo^GrVM66KiTop)41 f4^/ GET / GE, TUE .'COMGRATlATvOWGI KkIOVaJ GOV.obsvgmbp /\ajovaj. voueee o\d voo GST
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Extra panel is under the cut
channelate,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,wife,husband,bed
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Cool!!! It's working!!!
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What is LOVE?!
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