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Go gleshouw i kill someone, or havo a cup of tea?SearchAbout 2.490.000 ro*uits (0 27 soconds)EvfythogDid you mean StwuLdJJ^U^soraoQfie.Jt/7rfJiayo a_cupi.of.tea?Ah. yes. my mistake. Thank you.,google,advice,what to do,tea,sandbox
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comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,poorly drawn lines,cat,rebel,laser
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i-e 1.--1 . I . .ill /\  il ff 1 11 .. 1 1Momma called the doctorI don I understand tins. VC lint you an*live* little turkeys jiiinpiii* on tlu* bed. vine loll oil and btiiniH'd its head.Ill-I1-1-1-11I  *and the doctor said:describing literally sounds insane... i. | I . .Ill <\ c II (C l Il-llMomma
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link to the gif
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AND THftTS NOTE/EtJ VC UCRSr B4RT!  5 FfiRT 15 TriftTI |u*2o2e 1... UCVE T'NOD YEHT?im<  ......UOr DO WWH \HSSA..,xkcd,geek
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French artist Boulet created these animated GIFs of the seven deadly sins.
Gluttony, another sins in comments
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The Fencewe ALL IT A "fCNCCl Keeps out THe 6,iFAFfes AND THe LIONf> AND THE-eLePHANTS AND THe ...8000 BCAD 1 5001800we ALL IT A "WlLDLIfe! Keeps in THe 6iiPAffeS AND THe LIONS AND THe eLe?HANTS and ...,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,fence,earth
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