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Mitra - metal sculpture.

Work on the man of iron ended!

You get acquainted, before you the Mitre, (the Persian man's name which means - the union, means of fixing)... his name arose not from scratch, it, the body which consists from fixed with each other by metal that make impression of a certain union between themselves speaks to us about integrity and durability of all model, only because everything is fixed-is connected in the right place, well and without excesses, such organic communication between metal, as if fibers in a live body.

Also, in the Mitre there is a skeleton and oniksovy heart, and in the head a leaf of a rose.

Itself the Mitre weighs 2 kilograms and it is made of corrosion-proof metal, everything, for all work at me 1 month left.

Now it is in Kazakhstan, in Alma-Ata in "Clay house gallery".


All thanks for support throughout all time of creation of this sculpture also wait for new works, already from copper a metal. 
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