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gif,gif animation, animated pictures,cats,meat,nsfw,sex related or lewd, adult content, dirty and nasty jokes
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youtubefreak891youtubefreak89125.11.201320:25responselink 0.3
I see madness in it's eyes
Re-L MayRe-L May25.11.201322:33responselink 0.0
Who gave them that piece of meat anyway?
youtubefreak891youtubefreak89126.11.201302:04responselink 0.0
RedneckJoeRedneckJoe26.11.201313:50responselink 0.0
Kaimook123Kaimook12301.12.201322:48responselink 0.0
link to the gif
youtubefreak891youtubefreak89126.11.201302:14responselink 0.0
^^^ Not mine, 2Greek posted it in June.
youtubefreak891youtubefreak89126.11.201302:15responselink 0.0
you don't need to write who posted this if you post something in comments, pal
RedneckJoeRedneckJoe26.11.201313:50responselink 0.0
I'm new here, didn't know the protocols. For all I know, 2Greek now has permission to rip my ear off
youtubefreak891youtubefreak89126.11.201321:42responselink 0.0
we ain't so cruel
Re-L MayRe-L May26.11.201322:24responselink 0.0
You sure? Some buff dude just showed up at my door with a JoyReactor t-shirt and ripped out some of my hair
youtubefreak891youtubefreak89126.11.201322:27responselink 0.0
the joyreactor t-shirt is a rare stuff
where did you find that guy?
Re-L MayRe-L May26.11.201322:53responselink 0.0
I dunno, he found me
youtubefreak891youtubefreak89126.11.201323:00responselink 0.0
it's heavy
Re-L MayRe-L May26.11.201323:14responselink 0.0
Your Argument is Invalid
youtubefreak891youtubefreak89126.11.201323:18responselink 0.0
Correction: Your Argument Is, Was, And Will Be Invalid
youtubefreak891youtubefreak89126.11.201323:19responselink 0.0
When did I say I wasn't?
youtubefreak891youtubefreak89126.11.201323:47responselink 0.0
Re-L MayRe-L May26.11.201323:52responselink 0.0
youtubefreak891youtubefreak89126.11.201323:58responselink 0.0
ok I give up and admit you're wrong.
Re-L MayRe-L May27.11.201300:03responselink 0.0
on what kind of drugs you are now?
RedneckJoeRedneckJoe27.11.201302:34responselink 0.0
I dunno, found it in the street.
youtubefreak891youtubefreak89127.11.201304:43responselink 0.0
were they packed in a plastic bag?
RedneckJoeRedneckJoe27.11.201314:52responselink 0.0
Yeah, and it looked like someone threw it out a passing airplane. Kinda natural mineral flavor
youtubefreak891youtubefreak89127.11.201319:57responselink 0.0
how much of it was in the bag? 2-3 kilo?
RedneckJoeRedneckJoe27.11.201320:24responselink 0.0
2.8 kilos, I couldn't salvage all of it.
youtubefreak891youtubefreak89127.11.201320:27responselink 0.0
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