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funny pictures woman hill shoes 
funny pictures,woman,hill,shoes

funny pictures,woman,hill,shoes
Comments 431.12.201301:16link1.8
I think she is Lady Gaga
sadaf sadaf 31.12.201320:39 response link 1.3
judging by the way of dressing, yep ( look at the face of the eminem xDDD )
Zealot Zealot 01.01.201400:51 response link 1.9
not judging ...i think i saw this photo at one of the Gaga's fan pages and it was like gaga with somebody at somewhere...i cant remember...but i remember the photo coz i thought how she walks with those heels?
sadaf sadaf 02.01.201412:21 response link 1.2
yep, a false step and the fall will be critical
Zealot Zealot 02.01.201418:46 response link 0.0
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