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Russia countries badass olympics torch Sochi 2014 
Reasons number 9001-9025 why the Russians are totally badass: Passing the lit Olympic torch underwater. They also carried to the North Pole, in outer space, and by a 101-year-old man in the harsh cold.

I wish I were Russian. More photos in the comments.
Russia,countries,badass,olympics,torch,Sochi 2014

Russia,countries,badass,olympics,torch,Sochi 2014
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On a snowboard
laptopman laptopman08.02.201404:32responselink -0.1
Wearing a fucking *jetpack*
laptopman laptopman08.02.201404:33responselink -0.1
At the North Pole
laptopman laptopman08.02.201404:33responselink 0.0
R u sure this is north pole?...
Stoopid monkey Stoopid monkey14.02.201416:26responselink 0.0
Aboard a fucking Soyuz rocket to the International Space Station
laptopman laptopman08.02.201404:34responselink -0.1
And this looks like the're stupid. Why they did this, just for lulz? Freakin' amount of money) I don't get it anyway)
Stoopid monkey Stoopid monkey14.02.201416:27responselink 0.0
Passed in orbit... so badass that we forgive them for having it unlit!
laptopman laptopman08.02.201404:35responselink 1.2
Via zipline
laptopman laptopman08.02.201404:35responselink 0.0
A 101-year-old man who was alive before the Winter Games were even in existence
laptopman laptopman08.02.201404:37responselink 1.2
By the badass leader
laptopman laptopman08.02.201404:39responselink 0.0
VLADMIR PUTINMore badass than your country's leader.
laptopman laptopman08.02.201406:48responselink 0.0
Up the side of a bridge
laptopman laptopman08.02.201404:39responselink 0.0
Via kayak
laptopman laptopman08.02.201404:40responselink 0.0
On a replica Viking ship
laptopman laptopman08.02.201404:40responselink 0.0
Via horseback
laptopman laptopman08.02.201404:40responselink 0.0
Do not forget this failure
Taking it into space more than makes up for that IMO
laptopman laptopman08.02.201406:38responselink -0.2
can't say it do, think of the cost of the trip, pointless and expensive.
Olympic Torch in Space Your Argument is Invalid
laptopman laptopman08.02.201407:01responselink -0.2

how about use some money on the workers instead of pointless stuff....
You mean like Greece? Go badasses!
laptopman laptopman08.02.201407:21responselink 0.0
link to the gif
laptopman laptopman08.02.201407:24responselink -0.2
"Guys, our water is fucked! How do we distract everyone from noticing?"
"I dunno...take the torch into space?"
"That's wasteful and stupid. Perfect."
XiaoXao XiaoXao08.02.201407:33responselink 0.1
Hey libtard. The torch went through the water also.
laptopman laptopman08.02.201407:39responselink -0.1
And under the fucked water
laptopman laptopman08.02.201407:43responselink -0.1
And through the frozen fucked water on a nuclear ice breaker
laptopman laptopman08.02.201407:44responselink -0.1
With fucked water exhaust. Yup, good distraction from the water ;)
laptopman laptopman08.02.201407:47responselink -0.1
1.) I don't know how you think you know my political affiliation from a silly comment about the well-documented contaminated water crisis in Sochi but H-OKAY GUY GUESS YOU WIN THAT ROUND

2.) That's all seawater. Like, from the sea. They can't drink that. You know that right? The water in the picture is from a tap in a 5-star hotel where Stacy St. Clair, Chicago Tribune reporter, is staying. Sochi's water is not drinkable, in layman's terms, FUCKED. When they have the money to carry a torch into space (for no reason other than....I guess?) they really should have invested some into water treatment facilities. Like, any water treatment facilities. Seriously, just one would probably be an improvement.
XiaoXao XiaoXao08.02.201408:03responselink 0.4
Nice try
*Lake* Bikal is Fresh Water Hence the Word Lake
laptopman laptopman08.02.201408:09responselink 0.0
In any case, Joy Reactor is all about fun and trolling. I apologize if I insulted you, I didn't mean anything by it. I love the gif by the way! You can flame me for misspelling Baikal if you want.
laptopman laptopman08.02.201408:14responselink 0.0
My god, they take clear water and turn it into piss? Russia is more fucked up than I thought.
XiaoXao XiaoXao08.02.201408:13responselink 0.3
That is a great gif too.
laptopman laptopman08.02.201408:15responselink 0.0
Meh I'm not worried. All fun and games, until someone gets piss thrown on them.
XiaoXao XiaoXao08.02.201408:20responselink 0.3
laptopman laptopman08.02.201409:23responselink 0.0
laptopman laptopman08.02.201409:23responselink 0.0
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