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Comments 520.02.201401:56link4.8
So, i working as surgeon quite a few years. They take me when see my highest score on Surgeon Simulator! =) *in the near future*
Prof Prof20.02.201409:54responselink 0.0
Rocksmith can teach you to play on guitar
RedneckJoe RedneckJoe20.02.201417:25responselink 0.0
yeah, that's true. you use a gamepad or a mouse and a keyboard to play shooters, not real guns
DeadWhale DeadWhale20.02.201417:43responselink 0.0
Savage Cfiiceti
Prince Shawn. Prince Shawn.20.02.201420:37responselink 0.0
It's make you an asshole...
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi21.02.201420:09responselink 0.0
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