Hey I took some more crappy pictures of Chicago. / more in comments :: Shitty Weather

Shitty Weather sandbox more in comments 
Hey I took some more crappy pictures of Chicago. I'm just begging you to look at em

Shitty Weather,sandbox,more in comments
Comments 2025.02.201403:42link0.8
Fooled you :)
DarkMegaman DarkMegaman 25.02.201403:43 response link 0.9
deathzer0 deathzer0 26.02.201401:16 response link 0.0
ft PM
DarkMegaman DarkMegaman 26.02.201404:49 response link 0.9
It's not ilegal to have a digital waifu
deathzer0 deathzer0 26.02.201405:05 response link 0.0
DarkMegaman DarkMegaman 26.02.201405:10 response link 0.0
Sorry I like Mature babes. Not babies
DarkMegaman DarkMegaman 26.02.201404:55 response link 0.0
damn shes cute =^.^=
Julian SickDoctor Julian SickDoctor 26.02.201403:39 response link 0.0
ft PM
DarkMegaman DarkMegaman 26.02.201404:45 response link 0.9
Nah I can't get turned on by Lolis. I like em ripe :)
DarkMegaman DarkMegaman 26.02.201404:52 response link 0.0
i just love how they look!!
sooo cuuute!!! =^.^=

i think i didnt sound like a pedophile :PP
Julian SickDoctor Julian SickDoctor 26.02.201417:22 response link 0.0
Aww yhea I guess I like Kawaii stuff too! Sorry bro.
Hey did u see my latest post about Pedo bear ????
DarkMegaman DarkMegaman 26.02.201423:40 response link 0.0
just now :P
Julian SickDoctor Julian SickDoctor 27.02.201400:10 response link 0.0
Nah I'm done with that. I had enough butthurt.
I'll only post Anime and stupid shit I find on the internet
DarkMegaman DarkMegaman 25.02.201404:02 response link 0.0
use the response button, please
Re-L May Re-L May 25.02.201414:49 response link 0.0
lol, i want crappy photos of chicago now! :D
DeadWhale DeadWhale 25.02.201413:19 response link 0.0
If you want to see them click the Shitty Weather tag. There deleted but still there for some odd reason. Good thing I didn't post anything embarrassing. Or It would have been stuck here forever. That's why I stick with anonymous postings
DarkMegaman DarkMegaman 25.02.201416:40 response link 0.0
hehe ok :D
DeadWhale DeadWhale 25.02.201416:55 response link 0.0
i answered you here: http://joyreactor.com/post/1185899 also
DeadWhale DeadWhale 25.02.201416:56 response link 0.0
Thx for the feedback bro. And nice drawings too :)
DarkMegaman DarkMegaman 26.02.201404:23 response link 0.0
thanks, but that's shit :D
just draw if you want
DeadWhale DeadWhale 26.02.201404:28 response link 0.0
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