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Comments 907.03.201422:08link5.4
lez :/
manoOch manoOch 07.03.201423:48 response link 0.0
Fuck you, we already saw "brothers" invading us. After 20 years of bullshit, it's time to stop.
MinionN42 MinionN42 07.03.201423:49 response link -1.9
Amer_sy Amer_sy 08.03.201401:12 response link 0.0
You are making me mad, with your bullshit.
hope every thing calm down . Crimea must be Russian though ..  Amer sv # response! 1.4
MinionN42 MinionN42 08.03.201401:15 response link -0.1
it is my opinion mate u can disagree with it but must respect it as a grown man ...anyway let the ppl choose their future they may decide to stay in Ukraine ! , in that sentence I spoke about the -historical facts- which makes Crimea Russian ...
Amer_sy Amer_sy 08.03.201401:30 response link 0.0
The problem is that you are talking about getting a part of Ukraine away, and the next moment speaking about fucking "friendship". That's what makes me mad. If Crimea is what you want, well, there is no "friendship".
MinionN42 MinionN42 08.03.201404:55 response link 0.0
Invading ? Can i see prove ?
Siroy Siroy 22.04.201515:25 response link -2.4
Crimea Country: Look how the next, youthful generation are getting along. There may finally be everlasting peace between each other.

Russian Country: Uh...(look side-to-side) yesssss ... peace.
(into radio, whispering) move in, but slowly...and SMILE
aa11park aa11park 08.03.201417:18 response link 0.0
Russia and Ukraine
brothers and they lived peacefully before the EU intervened
GhostCCCP GhostCCCP 08.11.201421:41 response link -0.1
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