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Beware of Older Women

I ended up with an older woman at a club last night.

She looked OK for a 61 year-old.

In fact, she wasn't too bad at all, and I found myself thinking that she probably had a really hot daughter.
We drank a bit, and had a bit of a cuddle and then she asked if I'd ever had a Sportsman's Double.

'What's that?' I asked.

It's a mother and daughter threesome,' she said.

I said, 'No,' - excitedly.

We drank a bit more, then she says that tonight was 'my lucky night'.

I went back to her place.

She put on the hall light and shouted upstairs: 'Mum, you still awake?'

joke,sandbox,funny,nsfw,sex related or lewd, adult content, dirty and nasty jokes
Comments 510.03.201413:03link0.6
Until the last phrase of the narration I really thought your night was like that.
heindall heindall 10.03.201414:05 response link 0.0
DarkMegaman DarkMegaman 13.03.201406:34 response link 0.0
This is some fucked up shit.
DarkMegaman DarkMegaman 13.03.201406:35 response link 0.0
Now I get it. This is gross ): O
DarkMegaman DarkMegaman 13.03.201406:40 response link 0.0
Dovahkiin1 Dovahkiin1 12.01.201605:37 response link 0.0
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