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airplane,crash,gif,gif animation, animated pictures,sandbox
Comments 811.03.201417:35link5.1
the real airplane or just a test?
Re-L May Re-L May11.03.201418:43responselink 0.0
looks like a real plane, huh?
d1ngd0ng d1ngd0ng11.03.201419:10responselink 0.0
maybe a boing crush test or sorta. without ppl
Re-L May Re-L May11.03.201419:20responselink 0.0
it's a test. i saw it in some documental movie. it shows that the most safety place near the tail. say hello for the guy from first class =)
Goly Goly11.03.201419:40responselink 0.1
Looks like it the landing made things worse without the landing gear out I might have landed smoother imo
RedRaven RedRaven11.03.201420:17responselink 0.0
It is a test w/o a crew. Successful.
Kamajii Kamajii12.03.201420:59responselink 0.0
safe or danger,it depends how lucky you are
lastwar123 lastwar12313.03.201416:43responselink 0.0
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