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link to the gifdog,problem,solved,funny,gif,gif animation, animated pictures

dog,problem,solved,funny,gif,gif animation, animated pictures
Comments 415.03.201400:24link3.2
He is throwing a raccoon that is attacking his dog seen the video of this there is another angle
RedRaven RedRaven15.03.201401:21responselink 1.5
so funny, moar animals violence pleaseee
Lucas Cavalcanti Lucas Cavalcanti15.03.201405:02responselink -0.1
Too late, Rosie is now pregnant and there's nothing you can do about it. Have fun taking care of the puppies
deathzer0 deathzer015.03.201405:23responselink 0.0
бедный енотик(
fiu-fiu fiu-fiu22.03.201400:43responselink 0.0
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