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adventure time cosplay Fionna 
adventure time,cosplay,Fionna

adventure time,cosplay,Fionna
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can i get a ...uhh...eto...a name FOR RESEARCH OF COURSE!!!!!!
zerouplol12 zerouplol12 30.04.201401:57 response link 0.0
i LOVE THE DETAILS OF COSPLAY. Most girls keep their hair down and then put the hat on. She just did the bangs.
Points for that.
Also, most people think her outfit is a dress. Wrong again. A skirt and shirt.
The socks have stripes just below the top, and they are thin, not a full blue stripe at the top like most think. Well done.
The backpack bottom color, I don't know if it is a shadow or not, but if it isn't, the bottom color needs to be lighter.
9/10 points.
Pinkamena Pie Pinkamena Pie 01.01.201504:53 response link 0.0
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