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We're all monkeys
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I am not : /
I think it's cool to fight against racism, but you know it will never end, I think everything that comes today in Brazil, is called distraction, be careful, be wary of everything roberto, this, is one of them
Zealot Zealot 30.04.201402:41 response link 0.0
unless you haven't gor a truly democracy in your country, you'll remain as monkey.
RedneckJoe RedneckJoe 30.04.201416:15 response link 0.0
media sucks, turn off your TV, do not trust anything they say, only news that will affect the development of your brain, it's like "the cup is coming" be prepared
Zealot Zealot 30.04.201402:46 response link 0.0
so? I don't see anything bad in eating a banana :D
RedneckJoe RedneckJoe 30.04.201416:16 response link 0.0
I see.. distraction
Zealot Zealot 01.05.201400:51 response link 0.0
RedneckJoe RedneckJoe 01.05.201413:02 response link 0.0
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