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I never understood this, bullets are made of lead. Lead is not magnetic, so he could not stop them..
Bavaria Bavaria 01.06.201417:17 response link 0.0
From some site:
"I read some supposition that his power is really ELECTROmagnetism, like he makes lightning in some of the comics. It's proposed that he can induce a current in any conductor. So even if it's not a magnetic metal he can make a current carrying loop in it and make it SUSCEPTIBLE to magnetism. He makes speaker motors out of solid objects.
So basically Magneto has to take whatever metal object he wants to control and set up a circulating current in it that he can then control with his magnet mind. Well if I can imagine a circulating current in just one part of a solid metal conductor and then imagine a magnet around then why can't a mutant? No wonder he had to work on this power of concentration for almost 30 years before he could go after his nemesis. Still, considering the modest amount of thought it took me to get there I wonder why they never had him rocking out in the warehouse district, playing metal buildings like subwoofers? Too bad he's all hung up on his personal issues of persecution and not a performance artist.

This doesn't explain why he can't control gold though. Maybe he just chooses not to. "
Full_Ben Full_Ben 01.06.201419:19 response link 0.0
I guess he doesn't interact with them directly, but he makes some kind of magnetic field around the bullet and controls it...dunno how though
RedneckJoe RedneckJoe 01.06.201421:03 response link 0.0
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