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I just found out there is a Russian Joyreactor and it looks much larger than this one
So Joyreactor actually started out as a Russian site and then they made an English version?
I always thought this site had something to do with Russians but i didn't expect this

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why comments are as anon
anon anon 13.06.201416:33 response link 0.0
because of the "anon" tag
anon anon 13.06.201416:44 response link 0.1
russian JR is older than this one
anon anon 13.06.201416:45 response link 0.1
So who are y'all? I guess i shouldn't have added the anon tag
I'm MapleLeaves, the OP
I don't think anyone knows me though, anyway :I
I only posted one thing so far and it's nsfw
If you don't count this
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who gives a fuck...we already are a community!!
It doesnt matter if it is big or small...

anon anon 13.06.201422:42 response link 1.6
I agree, it actually feels kind of nice
It was just a strange feeling to see this Russian Joyreactor which is much larger
anon anon 13.06.201422:56 response link 1.2
it was small 3 years ago. this site is getting bigger )
anon anon 14.06.201416:37 response link 1.2
Well.. the russian one is still original and this is his child.
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thanks for telling .. I am so moving to the Russian version , !
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Please! Run from Russian reactor! There are too much ukrainians with their ducking poloticks
anon anon 28.09.201417:28 response link 0.0
you can just ban tegs ya know fella?
anon anon 10.07.201505:44 response link 0.1
Not really, actually.
Also - lots of "poli-tegs" already blocked by site already, the rest could be blocked by user.
anon anon 10.07.201512:21 response link 0.0
Zatraleni lalki!
anon anon 06.10.201420:00 response link 0.0
Не ходите к нам! Мы вам не рады!
 .V.T N4  Y  > Cy 7
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Русский цветной англоджоя?
anon anon 10.07.201506:13 response link 0.2
Just in Russia sit on such a large resource as joyreactor is interesting , there is another Russian resource, but it is not like users reactor, we even call ourselves affectionately rektorchanin still is the assertion that women -chan in the Internet no . In general, we like good. 3
Специально для русско говорящих, набежавших сюда, давайте без херни, англоязычной части нужно понять эту ситуацию.
Цветные, тоже не пыхтите, просто подождите, Прошу вас, пожалуйста!!! Дайте им все понять и осознать.
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