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hot girl phone stealing comics 
hot,girl,phone,stealing,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons

hot,girl,phone,stealing,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons
Comments 523.07.201416:11link4.0
that was weird all the way
Lucas Cavalcanti Lucas Cavalcanti 23.07.201418:07 response link 0.1
All beggard are just under the control of mafia, every cent give to them is a cent in the hand of the mafia.

the point: charity = right action is false, superficial and fallacy.
Stalker Stalker 23.07.201420:07 response link 0.0
so you live in Quebec?
zerouplol12 zerouplol12 24.07.201400:10 response link 0.1
You live in Quebec? im not, but probably you get surprised when discover how many similar are every country to each other.
Stalker Stalker 28.07.201423:43 response link 0.0
I live in a low-income building. We have a few career pan-handlers, who in turn know many more. None are crime-family affiliated. All are junkies or "recovering" junkies, however.

Frankly, crime families of any size and experience run themselves like a business, and know better than to employ the most unreliable people on the planet.
Hinoron Hinoron 09.04.201507:17 response link 0.0
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