130ft. / WW I :: flame :: thrower :: WW II :: gif (gif animation, animated pictures)

WW II flame thrower gif WW I 
130ft.(40 meters) Flame Thrower from WW I. The Germans have a serious deadly weapons then.


WW II,flame,thrower,gif,gif animation, animated pictures,WW I
Comments 403.08.201413:59link2.7
now, we can build a dragontank
ApolloF117 ApolloF11703.08.201414:21responselink 0.0
sorry to say but this was a British weapon
Spec_Al Spec_Al04.08.201410:03responselink 0.0
Thanks. Good to know.

I also know German as a flame throwers as well - they used them on the russia back in WW I.
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi04.08.201417:44responselink 0.0
freaking impressive though the amount of tech we build to waste each other
Spec_Al Spec_Al05.08.201409:51responselink 0.0
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