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Chewbacca’s design stemmed from a George R.R. Martin story. The Chewie that Star Wars fans know and love is actually based on a John Schoenherr sketch for George R.R. Martin’s novelette And Seven Times Never Kill a Man that appeared in a 1975 issue of Analog Magazine. The story goes that Lucas showed artist Ralph McQuarrie the sketch, telling him that he believed it was from the 1930s, and wanted McQuarrie to use it as the basis for Chewbacca. McQuarrie added Chewbacca’s bandoleer and the wookiee was given more of a protruding jaw and taller forehead in development.
John ShoenherrAnalog, July 1975Ralph McQuarrieCirca November. 1976,chewbacca,Star Wars,fandoms,george r r martin
John Shoenherr Analog, July 1975 Ralph McQuarrie Circa November. 1976
chewbacca,Star Wars,fandoms,george r r martin
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plagiarists everywhere!
MadBro MadBro 28.08.201403:01 response link 0.0
star wars movies are sooo lame...gosh...
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Lucas has copied the Greek and Roman mythology into his films. But in the mythology there're a lot of sex scenes.
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