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twistedspeedo rich fat people africa countries laugh poverty 
Tas [Lassg^#|'^5-&.&.'L.I i/uncj | A't~1f KiAS;HuntlAC, for toOlK...lSOfb,twistedspeedo,rich,fat people,obesity,africa,countries,laugh,poverty
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Tas [Lassßg ^в#Л|СТвичеЛ'^5 -ЬлЛьЪсД&ры.&э.ьоП'Х L.I i/uncj |Л A't~1f KiAÍS; HuntlAC, for toOlK... löSOfb
twistedspeedo,rich,fat people,obesity,africa,countries,laugh,poverty
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nhoccan nhoccan 14.09.201415:02 response link -0.1
it's normal. talking about other people, trampling them in the shit makes our life easier. for us.
RedneckJoe RedneckJoe 14.09.201415:09 response link -0.2
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