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What is love?

link to the gifAvatar,anime,gif,gif animation, animated pictures,what is love

Avatar,anime,gif,gif animation, animated pictures,what is love
Comments 614.09.201423:08link10.3
what is it?i don't know.....help!!!!!!
sadaf sadaf15.09.201423:56responselink 0.0
reference to this -
geek_528 geek_52816.09.201402:58responselink 0.0
wow...this is so old i didn't get the joke...tahnks
sadaf sadaf16.09.201411:41responselink 0.0
It's simple, the joke about pick up masters.
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi16.09.201412:37responselink 0.0
Huh!!! now i get it....tnx
sadaf sadaf16.09.201416:33responselink 0.0
Zealot Zealot16.10.201417:36responselink 0.0
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