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gravity falls,tv shows,mikeinel,gif,gif animation, animated pictures,sandbox
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r2d2r r2d2r23.09.201410:29responselink 0.1
nhoccan nhoccan23.09.201413:11responselink 0.3
At least, this time, they are admit incest.
Stalker Stalker23.09.201413:32responselink 0.1
i dont really care about incest, if two ppl love each other leave them fucking alone! (i sleept,dated,firstkissed my cousin and so did she with me tho. so MAYBE my argument is invalid xD)
Lucas Cavalcanti Lucas Cavalcanti23.09.201416:35responselink 0.1

aren't there genetic issues with the kids though? also its a society thing, imo cousin is too close to the family tree. What country are you from?
theamazing_omega theamazing_omega23.09.201417:58responselink 0.0
I think they found out that it wasnt necessarily that you were related that caused problems where it conserned inbreeding. If there IS inbreeding, the problem is usually that it could bring more and more defects over genetically when you dont have anything "biologically healthier" to choose from. So it doesnt necessarily have to do with how related you are, but what genetical strains you bring. I could be wrong, but I am at least 91% sure of this, as ive read and heard about it on several occasions.
SpEEk0 SpEEk023.09.201418:17responselink 0.3
yeah but i mean... cant ppl just realize that they shouldnt inbreed by the fact theyre family and do vasectomy? what im trying to say is mind > natural selection is that so hard?
Lucas Cavalcanti Lucas Cavalcanti23.09.201419:13responselink 0.0
wow, writing an innocente message to morning... returno to see this in the evening and... an incest debate just go on for all the day, im so inspirational. XDD
Stalker Stalker24.09.201402:26responselink 0.3
she was from 2nd grade cousin tho. brazil and no its not common here either.
Lucas Cavalcanti Lucas Cavalcanti23.09.201419:31responselink 0.0
ah ok
theamazing_omega theamazing_omega24.09.201408:46responselink 0.0
Firstcousins are fair game here in the UK
Tobearius Tobearius24.09.201402:26responselink 0.0
guess what is my new favorite country?
Lucas Cavalcanti Lucas Cavalcanti24.09.201403:55responselink 0.0
isn't it the same in Japan?

or maybe that was an anime i watched... hmmm... i can't remember....
theamazing_omega theamazing_omega24.09.201408:47responselink 0.0
It's simple in India.
Sanji! You are 13 pick a cousin! Boom, done.
Tobearius Tobearius24.09.201416:02responselink 0.0
All together now:

Hero Knight Hero Knight29.09.201413:12responselink 0.0
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