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link to the gifgoat,gif,gif animation, animated pictures,Nichijou,anime,anime gif

goat,gif,gif animation, animated pictures,Nichijou,anime,anime gif
Comments 505.10.201400:07link8.0
I laughed through that entire series. Just that scene that this gif is from is worth rewatching the whole thing xD
SpEEk0SpEEk005.10.201405:21responselink 0.0
nhoccannhoccan05.10.201412:59responselink -0.1
MinionN42MinionN4205.10.201413:49responselink 0.0
Oh, glorious Nichijou, how have I missed you! I shall start rewatching it somewhere along the line!
MagicoAlvermanMagicoAlverman05.10.201422:07responselink 0.0
whyd she do that?
AmeliaAmelia17.10.201406:28responselink 0.0
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