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Sexism goes both ways. Feminism helps both.

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feminism,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,sexism,sex,fucking
Comments 1205.10.201411:42link7.9
Saw this posted on FB, I like it. Perception, its all in the eye of the beholder. We've been closer to the truth than some want to admit!
SpEEk0 SpEEk0 05.10.201416:54 response link 0.0
Men who usually dress like women are perverted sooo... I don't really agree with that one but oh well. the rest of the message is good.
Dice671 Dice671 05.10.201417:36 response link 0.0
The main reason of being human is to accept everyone no matter the religion, race, sex, sexual orientation, politics view and personal view. You can say someone is wrong but you can't force the person or hurt the person verbally or physically. Unless you've been there and you can enlighten some new thoughts about the subject.
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi 05.10.201418:06 response link 0.0
nicky_santoro nicky_santoro 05.10.201419:39 response link 0.0
Gonna print this and post it in my locker room at school
aR_HydroCT aR_HydroCT06.10.201400:25responselink 0.0
link to the gif
MinionN42 MinionN42 06.10.201401:40 response link 0.0
Watch out Guys, we're dealing with a badass over here
MagicoAlverman MagicoAlverman06.10.201402:33responselink 0.0
Oh come one, when i call someone a faggot im not trying to attack his masculinity just like when i call someone son of a bitch im not trying to attack his mother.
Cascascap Cascascap 07.10.201405:32 response link 0.0
There are people with feelings you know. I'm not a good example because I'm a cold person, I've bullied so many times until I was almost killed someone 10 years ago - so since then I don't gives a fuck about anything. So most of people aren't that strong, so if you see someone who has offended from your words don't try to be an ass, be possitive :-)
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi 07.10.201409:25 response link 0.0
heck normies
kill me kill me 23.12.201501:33 response link 0.0
heck normies
kill me kill me 23.12.201501:34 response link 0.0
*cries* So true... SO TRUE!!!
waker waker09.05.201704:30responselink 0.0
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