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Death,Why do people love me, but hate you?,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,life,death
Death, Why do people love me, but hate you?
comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,life,death
Comments 4 15.10.201423:13 link 9.8
Death is realistic.
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi 16.10.201400:07 response link 0.0
link to the gif
Tubaina Tubaina 16.10.201405:48 response link 0.0
just pointing this out some people hate live and love death.
good comic is there more?
magus68 magus68 16.10.201419:28 response link 0.0
this is so deep i cant see it no more :\
Amelia Amelia 16.10.201420:55 response link 0.0
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