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When I met Peter in Disney World, he saw my arm and he grabbed it and held it up and looked at it. There are scars on my arms fronuelf harm. He said, "Are those scars from pirates?! Tharold Captain Hook can be so thoughtless sometimes. Doesn't even realize what he does hurts! You can come to Neverland with me, and I won't let any marks find your arms ever again.“ I asked him why he cared about the marks, and he told me that “Marks like that made a person grow up too fast ”. I just wanted you to hear that story.

Yesterday, there was a kid near Adventureland who was about 4 years old or so. he was a wearing a princess crown, had a princess wand, the autograph book was princesses, etc. and there was a grown man teasing him about “being gay”. A grown man. Peter Pan likes to hang around the Adventureland bridge and he happened upon that scene. Not liking what he saw, especially from a grown up, he spoke up: “Excuse me, sir, but I’m about to give you some advice I never tell anyone: grow up.”

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I've been wanting to meet Peter for years. Last week my parents finally took us all to DisneyLand. I saw Peter and immediately ran up to him and waved saying he was my hero. He grabbed my arms and saw my self harm scars and frowned. He quickly said "No no, you have battle scars! You must have fought off a lot of stinky pirates. You, princess, are MY hero!" And bowed & kissed my hand before hugging me tightly & whispering, "You're beautiful. Please stop," in my ear. I cried the rest of whole day.

I met Peter not too long ago. I am dependant on a respirator and wfieelcKair. I also have involuntary limb movements and vocalizations. All of this, oddly, leads people to believe that I am severely mentally challenged. I have an aide but for my trip. I’d asked them to go off and enjoy themselves and if I needed them I’d contact them. Well, the battery on my chair died for some reason. I’m stuck there. People walking by and staring, laughing, pointing... I also had the bad luck of my phone deciding to not have any reception. So: Dead wheelchair, people making fun of me, not able to reach my aide. Peter hops over, bends down and whispers to me if I need medical help. I tell him no, but my chair is not working and I can't readnny aidej~hewheelchair is quite heavy and was in the locked position. So, it couldn't besimply pushed. Peter starts gathering all these randonnnen and women, saying that "We need a rescue party! A rescue party!"^^^^ So, he'd gathered about four men and women. He then bends down again and asks if it s okay to lift my chair to the shade. I nodded and he told everyone "Ok! Now, It would be lot s easier if Tink was here but she's...well! Come on now lets make this thing fly! And he indicated for everyone to grab the chair and lift Most of the people asked him if it was okay...he said "Ask her! She wants to fly!" So, everyone hauled up the chair and carried it into the shade.
Pater than grabbed my phone and looked at it likj it was some object he d^v^seen. Me frowned and said "It's broken" then gave a big grin and ^id "I bet one ofyou^an help!" All these phones popped out. I grabbed one, and slowly dialed my aide-with P?H watching mii inese pnones poppeo oui. i graoDeo one, ana siowiy oiaiea my aiae-wnn Keier-watcning in facination. I reached my aide. It took about fifteen minu^s for my aide to show, and Peter was at my side the whole time. He told people with cameras to stop. Saying "You're just lik^^Q^tes! Stop! Leave us alone! And be stood in front of me. People got tneic^namioved on. My aide sfwved up and be d^jK^j^^H^^jjjjwjpSlre! Hooray" So my aide unlocks the chair, ara^^er com^up^rell^rebe had "thqpest adventure ever" and to "remember stinky pirates*are^stinky J'tnan he hugged me, kissed my forhead and said goodbye, waving until I couldn't see him. Anonymous Submitted.

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Well this is the best god damn JoyReactor post ever
Peter Payne Peter Payne12.11.201407:29responselink -0.1
This is the gayest stupidest most pretentious post I've ever seen on this site. Or ever.
ignorantone ignorantone12.11.201410:14responselink -0.1
Because you never had a childhood. The most I had admire on this guy that he really love his job, most of people can't ever love their jobs, but this guy is a master.
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi12.11.201413:08responselink 0.0
People making fun of people at Disneyland? Peter Pan LOOKING for people with self-harm scars? Sorry, I call bullshit.

I don't doubt the character actor is dedicated or that he's a very nice person. But this volume of stories is totally made up.
XiaoXaoXiaoXao12.11.201419:30responselink 0.0
Or ya know some people just acting like dicks as people sometimes do. Not that hard to believe. Though really weird for it to happen in Disneyland yeah.
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