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liberty,uncle sam,sinfest,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons

liberty,uncle sam,sinfest,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons
Comments 11 08.12.201416:17 link 12.8
No more liberty in america.
Stalker Stalker 08.12.201416:38 response link 0.6
So long Lady Liberty...
Dice671 Dice671 08.12.201417:22 response link 0.0
Sinfest is the worst.
XiaoXao XiaoXao08.12.201419:39responselink -0.2
That is deep. And true. But there must be oil and guns somewhere. And where are Uncle Sam's sunglasses?
drion4 drion4 08.12.201423:06 response link 0.0
Uncle Sam did somethin' nasty
gotcha gotcha 09.12.201400:09 response link 0.0
maybe Uncle Sam slept with the France's lady liberty
fazhar fazhar 09.12.201408:19 response link 0.0
The only way Lady Liberty will return to Uncle's embrace is if he swears to unconditionally honor his vows (the Constitution) to her!
Bogwombler Bogwombler 09.12.201408:40 response link 0.0
Which part? All the compromises with slave-states?

The drafting of the constitution was an opportunity to end slavery right there in 1787, and there was even much debate over that, but instead, in order to get the slave states to join, they basically made it even worse:

- The "Rendition Clause" (Article 4, Section 2, Clause 2) which REQUIRED free states to return escaped slaves to their owners.
- The "Three-fifths Compromise" which gave extra political power to slave states, and made it almost impossible to abolish slavery for nearly 100 years (you know, without a bloody civil war)

It also did NOT:
-Guarantee rights for all citizens
-Guarantee equal protection under the law
-Allow black or female citizens to vote for another century.

No... I don't think Lady Liberty was very impressed with "The Constitution" or any of the horrors it promised.
Hinoron Hinoron 05.04.202001:36 response link 0.0
the torch!!
nhoccan nhoccan 09.12.201414:30 response link 0.0
Someone here think that sinfest is become dramafest?
Bug Leader Bug Leader10.12.201403:39responselink 0.0
Yeah. He read himself a bunch of "Feminist" literature (quotes required) and two-fisted their cult's kool-aid.
He lost the ability to see the world without their indoctrinated filter.
Hinoron Hinoron 05.04.202001:14 response link 0.0
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