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S9/7SEASON(n)episode1+ says here -that Iceland is green and Greenland is icy.The Vikings switched the names to screw with peopleAmerica rules! Our Beatles are way better than your precious Rolling Stones!Last night, you said you never wanted to leave this pub. So, you bought it From me!We
т S 9 / сС 7 SEASON (n)episode 1+ says here -that Iceland is green and Greenland is icy. The Vikings switched the names to screw with people America rules! Our Beatles are way better than your precious Rolling Stones! Last night, you said you never wanted to leave this pub. So, you bought it From me! We what?! HIGHLAND, SCOTLAND Mr. Burns travels to Scotland and captures the Loch Ness Monster. Monty Can't Buy Me Love • © IRELAND К /с H Bi IN EUROPE I In The Name Of The Grandfather What do you Know about France? I Know I’m going and youre not я 1 ё V 1 [Youre sending^ me to Italy7 Yes J 1 i The family travels to Detroit to visit Homer's newly found half-brother Herb. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? The episode starts with Homer and Mr. Burns flying to Chicago. He Loves To Fly, And He D'ohs How do you do it, Homer7 How do you silence that little voice in your head that says •think”? Viva Ned Flanders After Homer becomes obsessed with inventing, he land Bart travel I to the Thomas I Edison National Historical Park in West Orange, NJ. The Wizard Of Evergreen Terrace jq q COLORADO The family travels to Colorado to Isave Bart after he switched identities with a rich doppleganger. Double, Double Boy In Trouble 20 0 PARK CITY, UTAH The family travels to Park City to support Lisa's entry in the Sundance Film Festival. V M if Can I take my Family? Do I have to hang out with them? 1)0 My Dear motorist, your | vehicle! vehicle is illegally parKed in the borough oF Manhattan. The City Of New York! g ¡ Vs. Homer Simpson ™ VERMONT After Moe becomes a successful poet, | he travels with the Simpson :amily to attend| the Wordloaf Literary Conference. IF you do not remedu this malparKage within 12 hours, car will thrown into the East River at your expense. your Jill be OREGON The family sends Bart to a discipline camp. We re on the Road to D'ohwhere m You mean Lisa? 1 HAWAII Ned Flanders I sends Bart and Homer to a leper colony in Hawaii after they have been tricked by Lisa. Little Big Mom I V II л. CALIFORNIA « Ilk Angry Dad: The Movie Don+ worry, son. Everyone maKes mistakes. Yours is just public and expensive [Gil mysteriously] leaves town after mooching off of the Simpsons for months. The family then goes to Scottsdale to confront him. Lisa, watch out For poison ivy. Remember, leaves oF three, let it be. After mistakenly arriving in Bronson, MO, the family travels to | Branson, MO to| find Grandpa. The Old Man And The Key After fleeing the police for |"grand-grand-grand-grand-larceny,'j Mr. Burns takes Homer to Cuba, where he attempts to buy it with stolen money. The Trouble With Trillions 9 ф 4 Bart makes a phony driver's license and takes Millhouse, Nelson, and Martin to Knoxville in search of the World's Fair. Homer trains at Cape Canaveral to be the first "average shmoe" in space. Deep Space Lisa's regional win in a Reading Digest essay competition sends the whole family to Washington for the national finals. Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington [Homer and travel] agent Wally Kogen take a busload of |Springfieldianites| to the Super Bowl in Miami. [15] They liKe me because Гт brave.... and hungry. Maximum Homerdrive Leaves oF I Four, eat some| more! Ha ha ha! Bart takes Dennis Leary's cell phone and his parents I begin using thel GPS chip in it to locate him at all times. Bart finds out, attaches the chip to a bird, and sends the family to Machu Picchu. Lost Verizon 20 Q After forming a curling team,| Homer and Marge make it to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. /С 41 Ned Flanders brings the Simpson family to Jerusalem. The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed 04 21 ф After attending a money saving seminar, the family heads to the airport looking for a last-minute, cheap flight for vacation. Though they all want different destinations, the flight they get is headed for Japan. Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo CHINA The family travels with Selma to pick up her newly adopted child. ARUBA [Homer prevents] Moe from trying to steal Marge away and the three end up in Aruba. Mommie Beerest 16® BRAZIL After Lisa's pen pal Ronaldo stops |sending letters, | the family travels to find him. Blame It On Lisa i TANZANIA The family wins a free trip to Africa after Homer injures himself on the corner of an Animal Cracker box. Simpson Safari [17] I must go to the head oFFice and appeal my case. INDIA I’m coming with you. I got you fired, its the least I can do W. Well, the least I can do is absolutely nothing, but I'll go you one better and come along. venere.com book hotels, B&Bs and apartments [Bart's doubting] of the Coriolis Effect results in him being indicted for fraud in Australia. [The Simpson family ends up in Antarctica after getting kicked off a cruise ship. A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again Sources: www.simpsons.wikia.com I www.wikipedia.com
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I remember every episode of this. I most liked the Australia episode )
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I like the Vegas one the most
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agree, that's the best one!
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Thats not where Vancouver is….
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