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soul eater anime Eruka Frog witch hat dots cry cute anime gif 
link to the gifsoul eater,anime,Eruka Frog,witch,hat,dots,cry,cute,anime gif

soul eater,anime,Eruka Frog,witch,hat,dots,cry,cute,anime gif
Comments 318.02.201521:22link3.9
Let me try this with out local slang off day again ?
Bryn Kaelin Bryn Kaelin 19.02.201500:10 response link 0.0
No, last day you open my eyes, i can't neglect all your daily Eruka's just because i'm ok, i'm promise a better future, a future where anime fans can go hand in hand with bronys, a future where nobody judge you for your waifu, a future with less taxes, a future with much more Eruka's.

Yes, we croak.
Stalker Stalker 19.02.201501:05 response link 0.1
Got my vote
Bryn Kaelin Bryn Kaelin21.02.201502:02responselink 0.0
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