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fallout games fallout 4 assassin's creed ubisoft e3 2015 kek 

fallout,games,fallout 4,assassin's creed,ubisoft,e3,2015,kek


fallout,games,fallout 4,assassin's creed,ubisoft,e3,2015,kek
Comments 417.06.201517:40link12.1
Everyone is ragging on assassins creed for "making the same game over and over" but call of duty has been doing this sense the early 2000's and don't get me started on Mario.
RedRaven RedRaven17.06.201519:19responselink -0.1
Mario has tons of diffrent styled games with the same old cut. And Call of duty get's ripped on all the time.
thefiregamer thefiregamer19.06.201501:04responselink 0.0
It should have been, a list of shitty games instead of just Assassins Creed...
Then again I guess you would have a long list.
davyboy3324 davyboy332417.06.201521:28responselink 0.0
Assassin's Creed makes two to three games just about every year. (22 games, 9 mainline 13 side story, in 8 years). They've over saturated their own market. COD can be bad, but they're 1 game every year, year and a half, and Mario has a mainline game produced once every few years and they're always quality, not the buggy pieces of garbage that Ubisoft games are.
XiaoXaoXiaoXao17.06.201521:32responselink 1.4
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