I The Legend of KorraKjfH 8 mins * #LoveWins / asami :: Korra :: the legend of korra :: Avatar :: anime

the legend of korra Avatar anime Korra asami 
I The Legend of KorraKjfH 8 mins * #LoveWins,the legend of korra,Avatar,anime,Korra,asami
I The Legend of Korra KjfH 8 mins * Ф #LoveWins
the legend of korra,Avatar,anime,Korra,asami
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MinionN42 MinionN42 27.06.201517:30 response link -1.2
I still think that Korra would have benefitted a lot by total lack of romance among its characters, but maybe that's just me.
MagicoAlverman MagicoAlverman 27.06.201521:49 response link 0.1
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