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4th of july,gif,gif animation, animated pictures,eagle,birds,food,meal
Comments 206.07.201512:36link7.6
Eagle eating eggs ? So the most patriotic thing a american can do is ..... cannibalism?
Bavaria Bavaria 06.07.201522:43 response link 0.1
Naw, the eggs are from a cheap, disposable bird we brought over and bred in captivity to be consumed by us at our convenience. They don't count as REAL birds, because we regard them as an entirely separate and inferior species. Same reason it doesn't count as "murder" if we kill them.

This is quintessentially American. -_-

(On a less satirical note, smaller birds ARE part of most birds-of-prey's normal diet. ;) )
Hinoron Hinoron 17.12.201705:20 response link 0.0
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