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legend of zelda,games,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,kitsune23star

legend of zelda,games,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,kitsune23star
Comments 915.07.201513:41link12.2
What kind of brushes/software did you use for this drawing? Tyvm.
sacreds sacreds15.07.201519:42responselink 0.0
It's not mine, I found it on Internet.
MinionN42 MinionN4215.07.201520:02responselink 0.0
Would you mind to share the link and your presets? That would be a nice help to me :)
sacreds sacreds15.07.201521:56responselink 0.0
No idea who made it, there were no source where I found it.
MinionN42 MinionN4216.07.201502:29responselink 0.0
Author is just on the picture
dehill dehill16.07.201511:03responselink 0.0
JaniiZ JaniiZ16.07.201520:31responselink 0.0
It's Zelda and the princess.
Jathic Jathic18.07.201513:42responselink 0.0
What if Zelda was a girl?
MinionN42 MinionN4218.07.201515:56responselink 0.0
Zelda is a girl
clnuah82 clnuah8225.08.201510:57responselink 0.0
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