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Origami Note Rose This rose is a cute way to pass a note to that special someone. They are simple to make and with practice can be made in under 5 minutes. The best part is that you don't need special origami paper to make them; the rose only requires notebook or printer paper. Rose Bud Step 1: Get note book paper. Step 2: Cut the paper in half. Then cut one of them in half to make quarter sections ) V. r J Step3: Put the quarter sections away. Step 4: Fold the 1/2 section in half and open again. Step 5: Fold the edges along the center fold. Step 6: Fold in half length-wise and open again. Step 7: Fold the edges diagonally along the center fold and open again. Step 8: Fold the other edges diagonally along the center fold and open again.
Step 9: Flip the paper over. Step 10: Make two folds in the center of the X's. Step 11: Make two folds in above and below the X's. Step 12: Flip the paper over. Step 13: Repeat steps 7-12 above and below the two X's to make a total of 4 X's. Step 14: Collapse the Step 14 a: Fold along the Step 14 b: Continue to fold the Step 14 c: Collapse the bal- four X's into the water- diagonals to make the mid- diagonals to the bottom center. loon base flat so it is com- bomb (balloon) base. die of the edge meet the pletely hidden under the rest bottom center of the X. of the paper.
c Side Step 15: Repeat steps 15-17 and collapse the other 3 X's into the waterbomb (balloon) base. Step 16: Fold the other edges diagonally along the center and open again. Step 17: Fold in the final flaps to align with the water bomb base. Step 18: Rotate the rose base 90 degrees. Step 19: Fold the final flaps up. Step 20: Rotate the rose base 90 degrees. Step 21: Take the final two flaps and hook them inside each other. Step 22: Pinch the sides of the hooked flaps tightly and press them together in order to make a tight twist. Step 23: Continue to twist. Step 24: Adjust the position of the pedals if necessary.
Base Stem Step 25: Primp the pedals of the rose by folding them down. Step 26: Start making the base by first taking the a quarter section and folding it in half width-wise. Step 27: Fold the paper in half again. Step 28: Pinch it in half length-wise and make a Step 29: Start making the stem by taking the final quarter section and folding it in half. Bottom Side Step 30: Fold in half again. Step 31: Cut the piece in half length-wise. Step 33: insert each of the stem pieces into the last petal just above each flap on the bottom of the rose bud. Step 34: Fold both of the stem pieces at roughly a 45 degree angle at the base of the rose bud.
Step 35: Begin to tightly twist the stem pieces together. Continue to twist until there are two small tabs at the end of the stem Step 36: Carefully pull the stem through the base. / Step 37: Flatten the two tabs on the stem to the bottom of the base. Spread the love! Created and designed by: John Williams Daniel Ellinwood
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