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Comments 1514.09.201511:04link11.0
That is only about 50 Miles an hour
RedRaven RedRaven14.09.201512:26responselink 0.0
i don't think that's the point here...xD
goodloser goodloser14.09.201513:15responselink 0.0
Did you ever drove in 80KPH(50MPH) on road like this?
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi14.09.201513:24responselink 0.2
RedRaven RedRaven14.09.201513:29responselink 0.0
well, you know what's gonna happen to ur engine at 80km/h when you get past the little "hill" at the on of this road right?
goodloser goodloser14.09.201514:58responselink 0.0
end*( of this blabla)..
goodloser goodloser14.09.201514:58responselink 0.0
I'm not an idiot unlike you seem to be. That is the limit of speed means I can go no faster it... this does not mean I can't slow down if I need to.
RedRaven RedRaven15.09.201504:43responselink -0.7
Woah, no need for name calling here, friend...
HollowedChaos HollowedChaos15.09.201511:42responselink -0.9
Last time I drove a road like this, I had to replace my right front fender becuase I ran over a wild boar cub. You will never know what would be pop up in a road like this, 50MPH it's a bit too fast.
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi14.09.201517:43responselink 0.0
id drive that at 80k. fact id throw my little kia down that at 100k
therobohour therobohour14.09.201516:19responselink 0.1
but im Irish so i know how to drive
therobohour therobohour14.09.201516:19responselink 0.0
You meanl "don't know" =)
SerosterSeroster14.09.201517:17responselink 0.0
i'm an excellent driver
therobohour therobohour14.09.201519:28responselink 0.0
It's funny, there are plenty of roads similar to this, except clay, around my thorp and you never see anything dead from collision on the road, but I wen't to Indiana where there is a good 50 yards of clearing on each side of the road and just dozens of deer that have been dragged to the roadside.
PaladinPanther PaladinPanther15.09.201504:19responselink 0.0
Guys, you don't understand this sign. It's 80km/h PER WHEEL
Bavaria Bavaria15.09.201505:30responselink 0.0
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