blood :: baseball bat :: Gakkou Gurashi :: yuki takeya :: anime

anime Gakkou Gurashi yuki takeya baseball bat blood 
anime,Gakkou Gurashi,yuki takeya,baseball bat,blood

anime,Gakkou Gurashi,yuki takeya,baseball bat,blood
Comments 327.09.201519:12link-0.4
О_о Who does not love you so??? It was 2.1 Now 0.7.... And the picture is beautiful...
BurNIng.glAncE BurNIng.glAncE 28.09.201501:26 response link 0.0
on this site 2-3 haters
one of him is CeRgEjR
another i dontk now that why i stop posting on this site there just hate me so much i all the time in negetave and my comments all hated :(
ReVeS ReVeS28.09.201506:23responselink 1.5
And I just put all +
And if I do not like it, I do not put minuses. Just move on..
BurNIng.glAncE BurNIng.glAncE 28.09.201517:27 response link 3.0
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