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Comments 726.02.201611:18link8.3
Okay... so aside from learning to write backwards on glass, she's teaching a high school math lesson on video?
Hinoron Hinoron26.02.201623:53responselink 3.0
who the fucking cares? are u gay bro? look how hot she is. no one goes to her to learn. duhhhhh
Lucas Cavalcanti Lucas Cavalcanti27.02.201602:51responselink -1.5
O.o Seriously?
SHE fucking cares, obviously.

You call my observation skills into question? Let's compare notes on what we saw here:
-She's dressed normally, with her hair covering her cleavage.
-She's not behaving in a flirty way, or otherwise trying to draw attention to her looks or her body.
-She's currently engaged in a demonstration that she has a brain in her head, not trolling for crude compliments about her looks.

Let's take the Internet out of the equation; say we were having this conversation just within her earshot.
-So far I've acknowledge she has a learned skill that I don't, that I understand and can follow what she's doing, and expressed interest in finding out why she's doing it.
-So far, you've dismissed what she's doing here as being of no importance, only valuing her looks, and outright stated no one would ever be interested in anything about her except her looks.

She has overheard us discuss all of this.

To follow this up, we both ask her out to drinks (well alright, *I'M* asking her out to have a drink and tell me more about this endeavour she's spending her time on; you are probably going to suggest a motel where you can put something in her mouth to keep all those thinky math words falling out of it).
Who do you think she wants to go with?

I'm pretty sure I'm more likely to have an enjoyable evening with a pretty and intelligent lady. You're more likely to spend the night in the corner, sucking on a beer alone, muttering about how gay I must be, to be on my date with the woman you said was hot. >.>
Hinoron Hinoron27.02.201605:56responselink 1.5
wait... what? i appreciate your well elaborated text. lol
Lucas Cavalcanti Lucas Cavalcanti27.02.201606:02responselink -1.5
You need more upvotes. Although a guy like Lucas would just go TL;DR.
Hellion1982 Hellion198204.03.201620:21responselink 0.0
I think she writes on glass normally and just mirror-flips video. I would do that
dehill dehill29.02.201619:16responselink -0.1
Oh! Good idea!
Hinoron Hinoron23.12.201718:35responselink 0.0
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