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The Internet of ThingsWith a trillion sensors embedded in the environment all connected by computing systems, software, and services, it will be possible to hear the heartbeat of the EarthPeter Hartwell Senior Researcher, HP Labslilhat is the internet of things? (IoT)"The Internet of Things' Is a

The Internet of Things “With a trillion sensors embedded in the environment all connected by computing systems, software, and services, it will be possible to hear the heartbeat of the Earth” Peter Hartwell Senior Researcher, HP Labs lilhat is the internet of things? (IoT) "The Internet of Things' Is a commonly misunderstood phrase. Many people think It refers to things like an app for your heating, or turning on your kettle from your phone. In reality however. It Is a world-vision of Interconnected devices, buildings, vehicles and other appliances. These 'things' all communicate with each other wirelessly, carrying out Independent actions without the need for human Interaction. HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF THE INTERNET OF THINGS IN ACTION... Intelligent, efficient heating Your smart thermostat system uses real time weather forecasts to adjust the temperature in your house accordingly. Motion sensors make sure your heating only comes on when there's somebody home, reducing your monthly energy usage and saving you money. A Remote monitoring of vulnerable people Sensors worn on a bracelet or necklace can monitor vital signs as well as track dally routines. Patients can be sent reminders If they have not taken their medication and emergency services can be alerted If the sensor detects that the person has had a fell. Clean streets and brilliant bins Sensors in bins detect when they are full and send alerts to municipal services allowing them to dramatically reduce the number of pick-ups required. This translates into fuel, environmental and financial savings for communities. Нош the IoT tuas born (according to MI0E0) n 1. Sensors are added to everyday objects to create a network of connected devices »Oo 2. Devices are connected to one another so they can coordinate and share data 3. Autonomous independent devices and applications can sense context and interact with other things The anatomy of a smart uiorld Basic constituents Q ** 1 Computer systems and processes data Cloud Centralised storage Internet A Global network of computers Scanners Devices that examine, N Sensors Cameras Capture visual data У Actuators mechanism and initiate RFID Chips and storing data The bigger picture Urban smart devices make © Smart dust □ Smart devices Objects communicate Ш Smart homes city management and services more efficient sprayed over surfaces 9 information, sending alerts and gathering data coordinate chores, security and safety Smart nations Smart cities gather data on systems to respond to Smart grids that predicts demand Top 10 countries leading the may The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) recently published data that gives an Indication of early adopters. South Korea currently leads the way with Internet of things enabled devices embedded In a digitally progressive culture. It is currently riding a wave of Innovation and Investment. 'Ml* yf 11 South Korea Netherlands Concerns, controversies and criticism Security The more dependent on connected devices we become, the greater the security risk. Financial services, automotives and home security systems are particularly at risk from unscrupulous parties. Case In point: Foscam remote baby monitoring devices were hacked for fun. The hackers were caught shouting obscenities at babies through the Intercom. The singularity There is a theory that the Internet of things is the first step in the progression towards a singularity era, a situation where human intelligence becomes increasingly non-biologlcal, transcending our physical limitations and leading to rapidly advancing, self-improving systems. This could either be viewed as a dystopian future where humans become machines, or a utopian future where humans evolve beyond their biological limitations. Privacy This ranks as one of the highest concerns. Constant monitoring and Invasive data collection leads to an erosion of privacy: mass surveillance by unaccountable governments, commercial Interests, and cyber-criminals leave the public exposed and vulnerable. Environmental For the Internet of things to become a reality, a network of billions of sensors made from mined materials and minerals needs to be created. Current energy storage technology means that batteries need to be replaced every year or so. This presents both a logistical and environmental dilemma. Advancements In material technology and renewable energy generation need to be made before a non-destructive network can be fully realised. s Л CONOSCO У IT PARTNERS
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