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I'M AnserI'M PIS6USTI'M joy I'm sadnessI'm FearI'm HORNY,inside out,Ry-spirit,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons
I'M Anser I'M PIS6UST I'M joy I'm sadness I'm Fear I'm HORNY
inside out,Ry-spirit,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons
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hue -_-
psycov psycov 03.05.201615:13 response link 0.0
shouldn't angry punch horny?
Syader Syader 05.05.201613:38 response link 0.0
Aaaaaand that's why Inside Out is the story of an 11 year old girl, not a 13 year old boy.
...also, no one gives a shit about boys.
Hinoron Hinoron 24.12.201719:12 response link 0.0
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