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My sister EVERY F**KING TIME!!!

Last time she call me, after i returned to child home at 100+KM far away, to tell me: "I accidetally update the os to windows 10, but i need to use it for work, what i can do?" "nothing, now you are f**ked".

the worst thing i'm not even so good with computer, my knowlege is low-basic-minimal.
Stalker Stalker 29.05.201601:14 response link -1.5
AMEN my brother!
I'm the "Administrator" for all PC's in my family and friend circle. It went so far, that i installed Teamviewer on all PC's, so i can fix their "problems" from my home.
Remember when 2013 Firefox changed to the australis look?
Goddam, that was a busy week for me.
Bavaria Bavaria 30.05.201619:09 response link 0.0
Stalker Stalker 30.05.201622:03 response link 0.1
For me it's been my mother (My sister very sensibly married her own techie. ;) )

"Son, can you help me? Two days ago, smoke started shooting out of the vents in my laptop."
"Did you immediately turn it off and unplug it?"
"No, I figured I shouldn't touch it in case I make things worse. It's been running nonstop since."
-_- "...I suppose we should all just be glad you didn't empty a fire extinguisher into it."
"Oh, I was going to, but I don't have one."
-_- "..."
Hinoron Hinoron 31.05.201616:19 response link 0.0
Stalker Stalker 01.06.201600:43 response link 0.0
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