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anime gif anime Viper GTS 
special delivery to granitex
link to the gifanime gif,anime,Viper GTS

anime gif,anime,Viper GTS
Comments 323.08.201602:16link1.5
well, thx for special delivery. But...

it's kinda hard to match my personality. (This(gif) is also not for me)
I writed that ppl can understood me by watching my profile but i changed my mind. It's hard and a bit "twisted"?
granitex granitex 23.08.201618:15 response link 0.0
sorry, just I wanted to thank you for the comment
biodan biodan 24.08.201602:26 response link 1.8
np, good luck later.
granitex granitex 24.08.201620:04 response link 0.0
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