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Pokemon fandoms ghost type sad girl 
Pokemon,fandoms,ghost type,sad,girl

Pokemon,fandoms,ghost type,sad,girl
Comments 729.09.201617:27link6.3
Impressive how she reasemble tomoko.
Stalker Stalker30.09.201604:17responselink 0.6
Aye, i think the same
TunguskaTunguska30.09.201605:09responselink 0.0
Imagine a yuri with these two girls, any girls stay in their how corner without talking or touching the other one. XD
Stalker Stalker30.09.201616:30responselink 0.0
That's just hilarious.
Tunguska Tunguska30.09.201616:55responselink 0.0
Thanks, i shoot a lot of joke, mostly bad because i'm not so good in this, and for that a lot of people named me "troll", but i just wish for joking and laugh together. :)
Stalker Stalker01.10.201605:02responselink 0.0
I feel you man, i might be king of bad jokes myself.
Tunguska Tunguska01.10.201608:09responselink 0.0
*kneeling* "My lord, at your service". XD
Stalker Stalker02.10.201619:25responselink 0.0
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