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Game of Thrones fandoms Margaery Tyrell cosplay 
Game of Thrones,fandoms,Margaery Tyrell,cosplay

Game of Thrones,fandoms,Margaery Tyrell,cosplay
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Her left eye (on the picture, her right eye) is slightly higher and in a different angle. Bad photoshop or bad genes?
BavariaBavaria26.10.201609:57responselink 0.0
She's looking left and down try it in a mirror see what happens to your eye.
RedRavenRedRaven26.10.201619:16responselink 0.0
Here is two sides of this oicture simmetry mirrored and combined
laggan13laggan1327.10.201613:42responselink 0.0
Wow .... this is facinating and disturbing at the same time. But doesn't this reinforce my photoshop argument? I mean, the left and the right side are completly different. On the mirrored right side, the shape of her face looks like a mixture betwen a starved elf and the joker.
BavariaBavaria27.10.201619:33responselink 0.0
Well yes. As you may know every person`s face is not symmetric on 100%. And there is also saying that the more each side looks alike other side - the more atractive face looks. But as we can see - her face is not symmetric but the source picture looks great! =\
laggan13laggan1327.10.201620:16responselink 0.0
You don't think it's that she isn't holding her head perfectly straight, and/or her smirking expression, that's creating your un-symmetries?
HinoronHinoron05.11.201618:09responselink 0.0
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