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F^Fabled mag< my brother and I have traveled from far av/ay seeking *s Igh* More cats?
Look, I've stopped giving out powerful magic artifacts to cats.
I understand. But according to the prophecy, only you can award us this treasure. The vvBrocco l i of Humi L ity" is not powerful in itself, but is rather a prize reserved for the most humble
WJe have both worked so very hard to get here... But If you decide to give the broccoli to anyone, please give it to wy brother.
Hmm... Well, If that's how \ 1 you feel, \^m perhaps it y---'7 is you who deserves to 7 J \ possess this ¡(ML ^treasure^^^^ Air The Broccoli of Hum l ity 1 ^ is yours. 7

That relic is rightfu I ly m Inez dawn it ! !

wizard,cats,broccoli,gif with a story
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