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skype bot break 

Someone broke a Skype spam bot

yes do I know you?2:08 AMno...but i thought we could be friends!! jig;2:08AM//config/db.js2:10AMmodule.exports = {url: 'mongodb://localhost/acquisition'}oops wrong person{Hey hun|Hi there|Hiya|hey|hi}{...|,|..} {how|How} {are you|ru} {doin|doing} {2day|today}{??|?|???}2:10 AM{wanna|want 2|want
yes do I know you? 2:08 AM no...but i thought we could be friends!! jig; 2:08 AM //config/db.js 2:10 AM module.exports = { url: 'mongodb://localhost/acquisition' } oops wrong person {Hey hun|Hi there|Hiya|hey|hi}{...|,|..} {how|How} {are you|ru} {doin|doing} {2day|today}{??|?|???} 2:10 AM {wanna|want 2|want to|Wanna} {chat|talk} {4|for} a {lil|little} {while|bit}{?|??|???}{ |...| ...|..| ..}lm bored and wanted to meet new people{..|...| ;)| :)| A.A| =)| :]|;]} Oh did I break you? 2:13 am {lol|haha}. {What's up|What are you up to|What are u up to|What's going on}{?|?!} 2:13 AM Omg, I did break you. This is amazing. 2:14 am {Awesome!|Cool!} {I'm|lm} {kind of|kinda|busy} {studying|studyin}. {I hate it|l don't like it} 2:14 am sometimes, it gets so {tedius|exhausting|boring|hard}{...|..} Well at least now I know I can do this again. 2:14 am {Lol|Haha|Loll} {I've been|l have been} {studying!studyin} {for|4} my bachelors in 2:15 AM {psychology|sociology|biology}. {Its|lt's} {really|prett>'|realllyy|reall>^y|pretty>'} {hard|difficult}... {Need a break tho|Need to take a break sometime though|Need to take a brake tho}! Have {you|u} ever chat on {cam|camm}{ before|}? ”
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