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The Lord of the Rings drinking game 
\. ~TWe Ces -. Tftvi.(\(A0.^Svi^ SHoTb.ykt UP &Wa.>iJO-y\SH. ^fO()o WW'tft 0-i^JO-^jo^roop-S'. Go-<^V? OjOCS S^VOOS l/JlZ-A^b r*o<)^ >>>^ Ltae\o>S )$\ otf'e.CS-Vo-'rd e^tV\bAS/JS<*fS Soiv*AK.l\^ oV>\'>6.} UoWs \\* W' y**'*3 K\*wei(-4. Q.x\\\Ce, -CeAWsVwp \ Se rae/'/ H^VCoVL >*.lo . ftfo.^t><A ^OCS
\. ~TWe Ces о- г. Tftviü«.(\(A0.^S¿£vi¿^ SHoT b. ykt UP &Wa®.ï>i«JO-y\S H. ^fO()o WW'átft 0-i^JO-^j o^roop- S'. Go-<^»V? OjOCS S^VOOS l/JlZ-A^b r*o<) тлоглел^ У>еЬ>>еьЛ ^ Ltae\o>S с)«$г\Ч otf'áe.CS-Vo-'rd e^t»V\bAS/ J S<*fS Soiv*AK.l\^ oV>\»»°'> 6.¥с«}б UoWs \\*¿ W'í y**'*3 K\»*wei(- 4. Q.x\\\Ce, -CeAWsVwp бч\ Se rae/'/ H^VCoVLÉ КоГ>Ь*. lo . ftfo.^t><A ^OCS SOVAe-tW'f^ 11. Le^*\o-S UoWs ’ir\Vb HKt t)\íVo.oCc■ 12. Tw, '»s reí«cre¿ A©
The Lord of the Rings,drinking,game
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I am drunk!
grelectric grelectric 14.06.201214:34 response link 0.0
I have to play it !
StealthAssassin StealthAssassin 11.08.201201:01 response link 0.0
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