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For Christmas

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futi n auppi.câ intougii too asuctau roervolf. Altomallral), tl't tatoivolr can ta lunmvid «ml •.!<• mut can Do i!.'«tty fad B| lai au» tanha tarna 0( tha •jpsntloi. Tho noms Oumoi ihouhl ionv«>ii conlmuoutly III npt.n • nle'ing CSAltiOt 10 avoid Ipiulli*. U»lay, M240 INCINERATOR UNIT This eic«pt»cnally designed weapon should be modified when facing Xenomocphs The piessuruthckened napthal accelerant in designed to adhere to any surface it touche* and to burn slowly, creating as much damage and smoke as possible. W* strongly feel that the effectiveness of fue against Xenomorpfca ¡s more psychological/inatinctual than physical Reports from Fiorina 161 state that, altnr being immnmed m melton lead, tho X«namorph was ablo to continuo fighting—thi» Indicates a significant tesistancn to heat. Wo recommend a potroloum-based fuel rather than naptha!, refined so that rt bums hot, clean, and quickly Tho hits’, should be enough to keep Xenomorphs at bay and bum facohuggere outright with a minimum of smoko interference. Long-burning fuels nsk the structural integrity of any flammable environment. INSIGHT EDITIONS OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR SIDESHOW. COHECTIBLES.COM ------1 SoW‘Bt» common!» lope ocrnp-itoe‘ 10 tnelora o! Ine foe) •eterioii loptevont « fiom l>omg lupluica !>v »mj« •rms I lire o tftiapncl. ThMlttMl« ellh»**»* nt in» w»»pon conlrnl* Urn mr/luel mu HU» *« Innl the unit con mil be emplcrreol in civoen-poo' ervlrnmnenli PROTOTYPE PENDING ARTWORK NOT FINAL
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