В конце ноября было у меня зимнее настроение, вот и написал ее. Еще и видео параллельно сделал. / art girl :: beautiful :: wolf :: Gnievyshev :: artists :: video :: art (beautiful pictures)

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В конце ноября было у меня зимнее настроение, вот и написал ее. Еще и видео параллельно сделал.

Называется "Кирена" по мотивам героини древнегреческой мифологии. Размер 140х100 см холст,масло

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Cyrene by Oleksii Gnievyshev,People & Blogs,Oleksii Gnievyshev,how great thou art contemporary,classical artists,oil paintings video lessons,oil paintings,oil paintings on canvas,oil paintings on canvas portrait,oil paintings portrait,oil paintings wolf,how to paint wolf,how to paint portraits,how to paint portraits in oil,portraits in oil,oil painting realism,realism art,realism art tutorial,how to draw animal,speed painting oil,как написать портрет,ölmalerei,modern realistisch kunst,"Cyrene" by Oleksii Gnievyshev​ 140x100 cm. Canvas. Oil Music: Max Concors – Heart Of Light KYRENE (Cyrene) was a Thessalian princess, the daughter of King Hypseus of the Lapiths. She was a famed huntress who guarded her father's herds on Mount Pelion, slaying wild beasts with javelin and sword. One day, when she was wrestling a lion, the god Apollon spied her and was inflamed with love. He carried her off to the Hill of Myrtles (Myrtoessa) in Libya where she bore him a son named Aristaios (Aristaeus). The boy was placed in the care of the wise Kentauros Kheiron (Chiron) and became a demi-god of beekeeping and other rustic pursuits. The Greeks later founded the colony of Kyrene on the site in Libya where she deposited by the god. Apollo slept with Cyrene in form of a wolf according to the late Roman writer Servius in his commentary on the Aeneid (377), although other sources don’t mention this.
art,beautiful pictures,video,Gnievyshev,art girl,artists,wolf,beautiful
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