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truck japan countries robot wtf gif 
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truck,japan,countries,robot,wtf,gif,gif animation, animated pictures
Comments 517.03.201720:58link6.9
Looks familiar
From which Anime-Series, -Movie ist that Mecha?
Thirteen90 Thirteen9017.03.201721:03responselink 2.1
The next generation : Patlabor.
khoz khoz17.03.201721:40responselink 2.1
But never saw that
So its probably looking alike from some other series i saw
Thirteen90 Thirteen9017.03.201723:35responselink 2.1
yep at first i thought it was one from Xenoblade chronicle x :)
khoz khoz19.03.201711:59responselink 2.1
These "Ear-Pieces" reminded me of Appleseed
Thirteen90 Thirteen9019.03.201713:28responselink 2.1
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